• I grew up in West Texas – tumbleweeds, horned toads, country music and dust. Lots of dust.
  • Minnesota has been my home for a long time now – trees, lakes, mosquitoes and snow. Lots of snow.
  • As a boy, I would watch storms move through the high plains, often standing on an overpass just for a better view. The light was captivating and I was hooked. I wanted to grab it, bend it, move it.
  • I understand what light can do for a room, an object, a scene. One of my specialties is re-creating natural outdoor lighting in studio for more control and freedom from the constraints of a season.
  • Halloween in March – of course!
  • Christmas in April – why not?
  • I am based in Minneapolis and have the pleasure of working with talented, dedicated support crews along with terrific local and national clients.